Huygens Remote Manager

The Huygens Remote Manager is an easy to use interface to the
Huygens Software by Scientific Volume Imaging B.V. that allows for
multi-user, large-scale deconvolution and analysis.
A collaboration of:
Montpellier RIO Imaging
National Center for Scientific
Research Montpellier
Facility for Advanced Imaging
and Microscopy

Friedrich Miescher Institute
BioImaging and Optics platform
EPF Lausanne
Scientific Volume Imaging
Single-Cell Facility
ETH Zurich
Imaging Core Facility
Biozentrum University of Basel
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
Combinatorial Neuroimaging
Bioimage | Light Microscopy Facility
University of Fribourg
Microscopy and Image Analysis Platform
University of Freiburg
BioImaging Facility
University of Manchester